Pete Matheson


My ‘why’ is simple – I want to help people. Why? Because it gives me those nice tingly feelings! It’s why I love providing IT Support so much, because it’s an opportunity to fix so many things on a daily basis, albeit generally a thankless task. When people started reaching out to thank me for what I had shared on our YouTube channel, I realised that I could help people in another way, to help them grow their businesses by providing a real life insight into how I’ve grown my business. 



I started Tekkers IT Solutions in 2011, towards the end of a recession, after many months of careful planning whilst on holidays and before I had kids (because… time!)

We had 3 months worth of savings, so the plan was always to run for 3 months and then if it failed I would go contracting instead.

Thankfully it never reached that point – because in our first year we turned over around £75k and a profit of around £25k.

From there it grew, we added staff one by one alongside adding customers. We’ve moved offices a number of times and of course had a number of problems to deal with over the years – which I will happily share with you!

The first few years were of course tough, but as we established ourselves as one of the south’s top IT providers in the area I decided that a change of focus was in order.

We sold the business at the beginning of 2020 whilst it was turning over more than £1.2m in revenue for the last 2 years, with my hope that I can help startup and small businesses to achieve the growth and success that I did. 

I’m not saying I know all of the answers, because I definitely don’t! But I have experience of sucessfully starting a business from absolutely nothing, with no investment, always turning a profit and building the brand of one of the south coasts best IT providers. 


The History of ‘Not a Business coach’

Why start
this site?

Shortly after I started vlogging, a fairly recent attempt at marketing for my business, I started to receive a number of encouraging messages thanking me for my help and for the insights into running my business. Combine this with the over saturation of self proclaimed ‘business coaches’ who seek to charge for very basic advice, when they have little to no proof that they can run a successful business themselves.. and so here we are!

I’m not looking to get rich quick, and I’m certainly not looking to be a business coach! What I can be, is someone to help you get your business off the ground, help grow your business, make it more efficient, whatever I can do by sharing what I’ve learnt over the years.

Via my Podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram feed and Twitter account, combined with my blog posts on this site, I plan to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

Stick along for the ride and get involved.

I hope that I can help business owners to improve their situation, to feel empowered, to discover a top marketing tip, to price their product or service correctly and generally get out everything they desire from their business.