How much should I pay for web hosting?

October 08, 2019 |
web hosting
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Costs for web hosting can hugely vary, with many people wondering if they’re getting good value for money.

Are you paying over the odds, or are you paying peanuts?

It’s the same old story of you get what you pay for, buy cheap buy twice.

Generally web hosting can start from as little as £1 per month, and go right up to tens of thousands of pounds.

I spoke with a business owner who was paying £18,000 per year for just web hosting alone. For the type of site they had, that price was ridiculous!

For startups, £1 per month web hosting may be okay – providing you are not looking at something like an e-commerce online shop. To established businesses, I would generally avoid the cheap £1 per month type of hosting packages. They may be fine for start up and personal pages, but it’s likely the performance and reliability is not adequate for a business site.

My general rule of thumb is that something around £20 per month is about average.

For £20 per month, you can get WordPress specific hosting from the likes of WPEngine, who are one of the best web hosts for WordPress sites at this moment.

These hosts will have excellent performance with page load speeds that help your google rankings, and use the CDN network to speed up the time it takes to load a page.

This site itself is running from WPEngine, and also uses Cloudflare (which is free) for some additional speed and security improvements.

WPEngine also include a high standard of security and backups, ensuring your website is protected.

Their game changing feature is that they allow you to host a staging website, which is a full copy of your website and allows you to test changes and updates without it affecting your live website. Once happy, a single button press makes changes live.

Comment below with the website hosts you use and your experience. I’d love to hear what everybody is using!