How much should I pay for a website?

October 09, 2019 |
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A common question asked by new business owners, who are of course needing to control any spending as much as possible, is – how much should I pay for a website? Or rather, how much should an average website cost…

I won’t go into much detail here, as websites are obviously a hugely wide topic.

From people needing a single landing page website, with all the information on one page, to a complicated website with hundreds of pages and integrations for the likes of e-commerce and CRM.

This guide is intended for those business who are looking for a standard website with say, 5 or 6 pages.

Home, About, Contact, blog, products/services and maybe a testimonials page.

Typically these can range from anywhere from £1,000 through to £3,000 for standard ‘business prices’.

Options like Wix or squarespace are also a good pick for those who need basic customisation and functionality, however I would always lean towards a WordPress site where possible for pure functionality.

You might not need it now, but in 6-12 months as you expand you will likely find a Wix or Squarespace website quite limiting.

As with our article on how much you should be paying to host your website, the price you will pay would typically reflect the quality of website you receive.

A £1,000 site is likely to have started life as a widely available, pre purchased template which has then been customised to your needs.

On the flip side of this, a £3,000+ site is likely to be fully tailored to your needs, and will generally look far less templated than the cheaper option.

The Tekkers IT Solutions website was a fully customised design, which we consistently get many comments about.

Cheaper options are of course available, particularly from the likes of people per hour, Upwork and my personal favourite, recruiting someone from the Philippines to do common tasks.

Choosing a company or persons to design your new website is a very personal thing.

I would always recommend that you check out their portfolio of other designs to ensure that you like their general style.

That said, style is of course what you’ll be thinking about, but the most important thing of all is that the website converts. Otherwise there isn’t much point of paying all of this money for something when you could simply pay a fiver for a website with a single page with your contact details!

Get in touch down in the comments if you had any luck with any specific web designers, recommendations, things to look out for. Would be great to learn from your collective experiences!